The Most Fabulous Toys for Kids This Holiday

October 31, 2012

A reporter asks… “What type of fabulous products do you have for Kids this holiday?”

We have hundreds of fabulous high-quality, hand-crafted childhood educational toys that make great gifts for babies, toddlers, kids and young children. We hope you can find a way to include something from our Toy Collection in your upcoming segment about fabulous gifts for kids this holiday season.

TAG Toys Lower Case Alphabet Puzzle

Lower Case Alphabet Puzzle from TAG Toys

Some of our favorites we are recommending for families this holiday include the Two Line Personalized Name Puzzle, which has the child’s first and last name carved into individual letters, the Cat Puzzle which helps toddlers learn about colors and shapes, and our classic Wooden Alphabet Puzzle. These are fun wholesome toys that last a lifetime and also becomes a timeless childhood keepsakes whose sentimental value increases year after year.

TAG Toys Wooden Cat Bank

Wooden Cat Bank from TAG Toys

TAG Toys is an environmentally friendly, family company making hand crafted Toys in the USA including puzzles for toddlers, and language development toys for children. Visit


Low Tech Toys Are Unusual Fun Gifts

October 30, 2012

A reporter writes… “I’m looking for unusual gift ideas for our upcoming show. Do you have any suggestions?”

If you really want to make an unusual product suggestion this year, recommend something that does not have an on/off switch.

Parents who want to give a truly healthy gift to their young children this holiday might be interested to learn that simple, basic childhood toys are far better than ultra-high-tech noise makers when it comes to promoting early life cognitive development, and at helping children improve their social, physical & motor skills.

TAG Toys One Line Name Puzzle

One Line Name Puzzle from TAG Toys

Children actually love real toys like Name Puzzles & Building Blocks. Even groups like the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) report healthy learning habits are developed through playtime, not from technology.

Some of our favorite, no-tech toys we are recommending for the holiday include the Personalized Name Puzzle ($29.95) which has the child’s name carved into individual letters, the Toy Lock Box ($69.95) which teaches children about home/personal safety, and our good old fashion Wooden Alphabet Puzzle ($54.95). These are fun healthy toys that last a lifetime.

TAG Toys Little Lock Box

Little Lock Box from TAG Toys

TAG Toys is a family company, proudly hand crafting Toys in the USA including baby wood toys, developmental toddler toys, and creative children’s toys. Visit

After Thirty Years, Our Toys are Still Made in the USA

October 29, 2012

A journalist asks us… “Are businesses that make products in the USA still important?”

At first blush an extremely-local business concept may seem like a tiny flower in a global economic forest, but thirty years later, the seemingly little business that has continuously grown by helping its local community from providing jobs to serving customers can become a substantial force.

TAG Toys Mobile Stacking Toy Trays

Mobile Stacking Toy Trays from TAG Toys

TAG Toys is a family owned company that hand-crafts children’s toys in the USA, and we are proud to provide local jobs and use local sources when available for material in our products. Our company started as a family business nearly thirty years ago when our company founder first thought about, then established and grew the company from local labor (Compton California), with local (sustainable wood products) to benefit (our then primarily local) customers.

We think our company makes a nice example of how a local business can achieve long term success by adopting the ‘locally made’ business concept.  We hope other business owners who are considering starting a company today can find a way to believe in the local business model, as a way to provide jobs to workers and help provide opportunities for their local communities across the USA.

TAG Toys is a family company making eco-friendly, hand-crafted Toys in the USA including educational baby toys, infant wooden toys, and motor skill development toys for children. Visit

Clear Out the Toy Box to Reduce Clutter

October 26, 2012

We are asked… “What are some solutions for families to get organized?”

For families trying to get organized we suggest you clean out the toy box. Children outgrow toys and a great family organizational project to permanently reduce clutter is to clean out the toy box.  Old toys can be donated to a local charity, a school, church, daycare or even another family.

TAG Toys Toy Shelf

Toy Shelf from TAG Toys

On the flip side, families can control clutter before it grows out of hand by exercising restraint and buying fewer, but higher quality toys. For example makes products that provide parents with opportunities for parents to socialize with kids, while helping children develop their verbal and cognitive skills.

Fewer toys mean less clutter to keep organized, and may even produce a better overall environment for childhood development.  Recent studies suggest U.S. children have too many toys which leads to over-stimulation and poor concentration.  Still, children Love toys like Building Blocks, Puzzles and Doll Houses and the right toys help children learn and keep families connected.

TAG Toys is a family business making hand crafted Toys from sustainable sources in the USA like educational toys for babies, wood toys for infants, and motor skills kids toys. Visit

Piggy Banks Teach Kids about Saving Money

October 25, 2012

A reporter asks us… “Other than a savings account, how can you teach children about saving money?”

Managing money can actually be fun, if you’re five years old and it’s your own piggy bank.

TAG Toys Wooden Pig Bank

Wooden Pig Bank from TAG Toys

To help teach children about saving money, one of the very earliest, easiest, and probably most important things a parent can do is to provide an opportunity for the child to start saving money right in their own room, with their own piggy bank.

A child’s piggy bank provides a real world example that families can talk about and reference, when a parent decides it’s time to introduce and discuss more advanced savings or financial concepts. Parents might explain ‘…its like your piggy bank, remember how you have been saving your money in your room…?’

TAG Toys Wooden Bear Bank

Wooden Bear Bank from TAG Toys

We ( think our collection of Wooden Animal Banks are a perfect start for this job. Our high-quality personal banks help children gain insight into money and help parents teach the concept of saving.  The line of TAG Toys Wooden Animal Banks for homes and classrooms, come in six animal shapes, including a cat, bear, dinosaur, elephant, snail, and of course a Piggy Bank, from

TAG Toys Wooden Cat Bank

Wooden Cat Bank from TAG Toys

TAG Toys is an environmentally friendly family business, proud to be hand crafting wood Toys from sustainable sources in the USA including baby safe toys, wood toys for toddlers, and early learning toys for kids. Visit

Halloween Arts and Crafts are Childhood Keepsakes

October 24, 2012

We are asked… “Do you have any products that can bring together families for the holidays?”

We have hundreds of toys that make great Holiday Gifts for children of all ages, but fall is a particularly great time of year for connecting socially with children over arts and crafts.  From school science projects to holiday traditions, arts and crafts projects provide social interaction for families and the projects that are created become family keepsakes from simple Halloween costumes, to drawings of pumpkins, zombies and pilgrims, and even home-made holiday greeting cards.

TAG Toys Hobby and Art Table

Hobby and Art Table from TAG Toys

Drawing Spooky Cats and Black Hats

The most Creative Halloween Costumes were first a drawing somewhere; and kids can make fun, simple face masks from paper, crayons and string. From designing their own unique costume or for creating spooky Jack-o’-lantern decorations for an upcoming Halloween party the TAG Toys Hobby Art Table helps these projects along with its built-in paper roll dispenser.

TAG Toys is an environmentally friendly, family company that is proud to hand craft its Toys in the USA such as preschool educational toys, spelling toys for kids, as well as tables and chairs for children. Visit

Wooden Toys and Tech Addicted Kids

October 23, 2012

We are asked: “Is there any way to avoid raising technology dependent kids?”

As old fashion as it sounds, providing children from a very early age (infant, baby, toddlers) with real, classic thinking and learning toys (like those from TAG Toys is clinically shown to promote brain/mental development, in addition to helping youngsters develop physical & motor skills, and social behavior.

TAG Toys Elephant Push Toy

Elephant Push Toy from TAG Toys

Although kids are clearly attracted to phones, tablets and televisions, the solution you are seeking, really might be as simple as providing children with a wide range of non-technology alternatives (real toys) that they can see and grab to play with. This solution is also supported by decades of research on how to best foster thinking, intellectual and physical growth through interaction with real physical playtime objects during formative childhood years.

TAG Toys proudly handcrafts its toys in the USA including baby block toys, educational infant toys, and spelling toys for kids. Visit

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