Thanksgiving Arts and Crafts are Childhood Keepsakes

We are asked… “What products do you have that support creativity or help children develop artistic talents?”

Thanksgiving is one of the most colorful times of year, and from turkeys, to pilgrim hats and pumpkins, kids drawings and cut-outs can make great holiday decorations, and become childhood keepsakes families can take home after a great family feast.

Creating a comfortable environment for a child to draw and create holiday themed decorations builds confidence, and skills in how to communicate in a written form.

TAG Toys Childs Desk

Child’s Desk from TAG Toys

Offering a child their own personal creative area, for example like with a TAG Toys Child’s Desk provides a safe place where children can experiment, write and draw. Desks like this one also are a place where your child’s art supplies from crayons, markers and paper can all stay together and easy to find.

TAG Toys is a family company proudly hand crafting Toys in the USA from babies wooden toys, to puzzles for toddlers toys, and creative furniture for children’s rooms. Visit


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