Educational Toy Helps Children Develop Thinking Skills

A reporter asks, “I’ve been browsing your collection and have seen a lot of toys that deal with sorting (beads, blocks, etc). What is the educational value of sorting? What does this activity teach?”

Sorting is a skill that is related to conceptual thinking, or the mental process of being able to identify objects and the classes of objects.  Conceptual thinking is a mental process that can be developed, and even strengthened with the right type of stimulus, and proper practice.

TAG Toys Classify Discovery Learning Center

TAG Toys Classification Discovery Toy Helps Young Children Develop and Strengthen Conceptual Thinking Skills

Conceptual thinking is a skill that should be developed as early as possible, as it is a core element of higher levels of thought including abstract, analytical and strategic mental skills.

Educational Toys like the Classification Discovery Learning Center from TAG Toys help children learn how to sort objects and helps kids practice separating individual objects into different classes. The Toy provides instant feedback, by allowing kids to easily check the decisions they have made for each compartment against the category guide card.

TAG Toys is a family company proudly making eco-friendly, wood Toys in the USA. Whether you are looking for gifts for girls or boys TAG Toys has great toys for youngsters of all ages at Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Birthdays. Please visit

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