Games that Teach, Entertain and Give Kids a Workout

December 12, 2012

We are asked, “Are there any toys that can simultaneously help teach my kids and also give them physical exercise at the same time?”

Educational games that have physical components are well grounded in multi-sensory learning theory, which suggests that as more relevant dimensions (sight, hearing, tactile, physical experience) is added to a learning experience the higher the retention of details and the understanding of the material will be.

When a learning experiences can be combined with a game there is another dimension (fun) can be introduced that help learning even more interesting. Games like the Number Ring Toss
from TAG Toys is an exciting activity that can help teach kids about basic numbers, and help develop skills for doing basic math.

Ting toss number games are played by adding numbers won by getting the ring over different pegs and are simple fun games  everyone in the family can participate in. Variations on the game like the subtraction game, can be created where the first one to negative twenty (by subtracting scores) is the winner.

Additional opportunities to introduce kids to different mathematical concepts like multiplication and division can even be introduced during ring-toss games as bonus rounds or penalty throws where  total scores are multiplied by the ‘next’ value scored.

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Educational Toy Helps Children Develop Thinking Skills

December 11, 2012

A reporter asks, “I’ve been browsing your collection and have seen a lot of toys that deal with sorting (beads, blocks, etc). What is the educational value of sorting? What does this activity teach?”

Sorting is a skill that is related to conceptual thinking, or the mental process of being able to identify objects and the classes of objects.  Conceptual thinking is a mental process that can be developed, and even strengthened with the right type of stimulus, and proper practice.

TAG Toys Classify Discovery Learning Center

TAG Toys Classification Discovery Toy Helps Young Children Develop and Strengthen Conceptual Thinking Skills

Conceptual thinking is a skill that should be developed as early as possible, as it is a core element of higher levels of thought including abstract, analytical and strategic mental skills.

Educational Toys like the Classification Discovery Learning Center from TAG Toys help children learn how to sort objects and helps kids practice separating individual objects into different classes. The Toy provides instant feedback, by allowing kids to easily check the decisions they have made for each compartment against the category guide card.

TAG Toys is a family company proudly making eco-friendly, wood Toys in the USA. Whether you are looking for gifts for girls or boys TAG Toys has great toys for youngsters of all ages at Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Birthdays. Please visit

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Toys That Help Children Improve Memory Skills

December 10, 2012

We are asked, “My child is really good at memorization and I would like to encourage her natural skill.  What kind of educational toys do you have that help children develop a good memory?”

A common technique for improving memory skills is to experience material being presented through multiple sensory dimensions. This multiple sensory memory technique not only strengthens the brain’s impression of the actual material being presented, but also strengthens the ability for the brain to make multiple connections to other stored information effectively making learning and memorization much easier.

TAG Toys Memory Box

The Multi-Sensory Memory Box from TAG Toys is like a Cross Fitness Trainer for Young Minds

Toys that apply the cross-sensory memory method technique like the Multi-Sensory Memory Box for example, combine visual input, sounds (speaking) and tactile stimulus (touching) together as one experience to develop the brain’s cross fitness skill.

The Multi-Sensory Memory Box from TAG Toys combines the visual presentation of information (upper portion) with a lower section that presents an actual object for the child to touch and hold.  As children (often working with a parent) verbalize the shapes and colors presented, the child effectively develops the  cross-brain memory skill which prepares them for more advanced learning achievements.

TAG Toys is a family company making environmentally friendly wood educational Toys in the USA. Whether you are shopping for girls or boys TAG Toys has great gifts for youngsters at Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Birthdays. Please visit

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Toys that Develop the Mind of a Baby

December 9, 2012

A reporter asks, “What toys from your collection are the best in helping to develop the brain and cognitive skills of very young children?”

The development of a baby’s brain is a complex, ongoing experience, and there is not a single toy that can accomplish the job on its own.  To sufficiently stimulate the brain of an infant a variety of incoming experiences and multi sensory (smell/taste), visual, verbal/auditory, and tactile (physical) stimulus need to be continuously provided.

TAG Toys Mystery Box

Mystery Box from TAG Toys Helps Sharpen Minds and Perception Skills of Youngsters

By the time children are about one and one-half years old, personal exploration to objects (like toys) in their environment becomes extremely important.  Mental images imprinted in their memory through tactile sensory experiences become much more efficient than through the visual or auditory modes, and toys like the TAG Toys Mystery Box fosters this stage of cognitive development.

Toys like the Mystery Box provide for a wide range of tactile experiences from basic shape recognition to fine size and shape discrimination. This learning center comes with 10 solid wood shapes and 10 matching shape tiles, and chalk for drawing exercises that develop fundamental memory skills, helps sharpen mental focus and heightens attention to details.

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Blocks of Fun Improve Motor Skills of Very Young Children

December 8, 2012

We are asked, “My two year old seems clumsy. Do you have any toys that will help her improve her coordination and balance.”

Growing can be both a bit uncomfortable and an awkward experience, and toddlers need practice and some time to develop the skills the rest of us take for granted.  TAG Toys makes many toys that help youngsters improve physical coordination, fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

TAG Toys Blocks Of Fun

Blocks Of Fun from TAG Toys

The TAG Toys Blocks of Fun toy has fifteen-blocks in four bright colors, which fit together inside a rolling wagon. Regular play with the blocks helps youngsters develop fine motor skills including grasping, passing objects between their hands, stacking and fitting.  The wagon also encourages youngsters to gain confidence in pushing or pulling the wagon around, and to develop general balance and walking skills.

Other toys from the TAG Toys collection that also help develop fine motor skills and coordination for very young children include Size & Shape Wagon of Blocks, TAG Toys First Building Blocks and Maple Shape Sorter.

TAG Toys is a family business hand-crafting educational Toys for children in the USA. Whether you are shopping for girls or boys TAG Toys has great gifts for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Birthdays for kids of all ages. Please visit

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Child Activity Set Encourages Imagination and Creativity

December 7, 2012

We are asked, “Our child is very into fantasy stories about magic and mythological creatures. Do you have any activity sets that are linked to these types of stories?

Stories about wizards, knights from days gone by and dragons are popular topics in children’s stories, books and movies. To help connect children to this realm, TAG Toys has an enchanted King’s Castle Activity Set.

TAG Toys Castle Activity Set

King’s Castle Activity and Play Set by TAG Toys

This large hardwood castle play-set includes ladders, a ramp and a drawbridge that all move, and even a dungeon. This heirloom quality castle stimulates creative, imaginative play among both boys and girls. Imaginative play is a very important stage of childhood cognitive development.  Independent play time allows children to think through certain personal issues and to develop responses to different social scenarios.

TAG Toys is a family business that has been making environmentally friendly toys for nearly thirty years in the USA.  TAG Toys has educational gifts and activity sets for girls and boys for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Birthdays. Please visit

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Tools to Teach a Child about Personal Hygiene

December 6, 2012

We are asked, “Do you have any educational products that will help teach children about personal hygiene?”

One of the simplest things a parent can provide to a child that helps to develop awareness of personal hygiene is a mirror for their room.  Providing a child with a mirror in their room allows them to easily check their overall appearance, clothing and hair.

TAG Toys Three In One Mirror

Three In One Mirror from TAG Toys

A high-quality full size mirror like the TAG Toys Three in One Mirror not only is a personal hygiene tool but also can be used by parents to track the growth of a child over time. Parents can mark-off the height of their child on the frame of the mirror, monthly or yearly, to keep a growth record of their child’s height.

In addition to encouraging children to check their appearance, its also important for parents to help children develop personal cleanliness routines that are easy to follow. Simple tasks like washing hands before and after meals, brushing teeth in the morning and before bed, and helping kids check for odors, smudges and stains on clothing are easiest to handle when reinforced with regular everyday encouragement from parents.

TAG Toys is an environmentally friendly family-run business making wood Toys in the USA. If you are looking for a gift for a girl or a boy TAG Toys has great toys for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Birthdays. Please visit

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