Educational Toys that Teach Kids Numbers and Counting

December 14, 2012

We are asked, “What kind of toys do you have that teach children about counting?”

It is really never too early to start teaching children about numbers, counting and even simple math. From the earliest days, parents can make a routine out of counting just about anything from steps and stairs, to the number of grapes sitting in the high-chair tray, and of course fingers and toes. Numbers can be pointed out on clocks and when reading books together.

For toddlers numbers are often a centerpiece of the toys they play with too, and toys like Watch Me Count! Number Puzzle, the TAG Toys Numbers Template and Traceable Numbers all have numbers as the central component of the toy.

TAG Toys Tumble Count Pegs

Tumble Count Pegs from TAG Toys

For teaching children about counting (versus just learning to recognize the design of numerals), there are toys like the TAG Toys Tumble Down Counting Pegs. This basic counting skills toy is a multi-sensory tool that helps teach counting through a visual, tactile and auditory combination. This type of cognitive development technique is a well established learning method where more than one sense is stimulated to help create cross-brain fitness.

Youngsters playing with the tumble down toy read the numbers on the cards and count while inserting the pegs into the slots. When they pull the handle, the pegs come tumbling down and are provided with an immediate reward that helps reinforce the lesson of learning about numbers, quantity and counting.

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Toys that Teach Children how to Spell

November 16, 2012

We are asked, “Do you have any toys that will help my pre-school child learn how to spell?”

Childhood development experts recommend that parents spend an hour together every day reading with children. When families make this a regular routine it provides an opportunity to introduce children to the world of spelling at a very early age.

Parents that are in the habit of reading with children can naturally transition from pointing out pictures in books, to pointing out the words in the books, and then into pointing out (and reading aloud) the individual letters that make up individual words.

TAG Toys Spellmaster

Spellmaster from TAG Toys

When a parent recognizes that a child is grasping the concept of spelling, it is time to introduce an educational toy or tool to assist in the process. Tools should allow children to practice spelling easy words, and then progressively work up to longer/harder words, while providing feedback for failures and successes.

Educational tools like the TAG Toys Spellmaster help make the challenges of spelling more fun and interesting for youngsters. The set consists of a spelling tray with an attached chalkboard, wood tiles with individual letters and spelling picture word cards. Sets like these teach kids to write out words and commit spelling patterns to memory. Words can then be checked by lifting the doors and matching the letter tiles to the handwritten word.

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