Puzzles Develop the Mind of Toddlers and Babies

December 16, 2012

We are asked, “What is the educational value of puzzles for toddlers and babies?

Puzzles are a very important part in the development of concepts, fine-motor skills and confidence for babies and toddlers.  From simply connecting colors that are alike, to fitting shapes together and to developing simple hand skills like grasping, holding and placing items together, puzzles are fantastic tools that help youngsters learn and develop a wide range of physical and mental skills.

Toddlers can start with basic puzzles, like horsesbutterflies and cat puzzles. As toddlers gain confidence they can be introduced to new, more complex puzzles which help keep them developing motor skills and mental growth.

TAG Toys Gears Puzzle

Gears Puzzle from TAG Toys

A natural progression for toddlers is to start with simple puzzles, and then move into size/shape comparison puzzles, and then to more creative types of puzzles like the TAG Toys Gears Puzzle. Puzzles are great for introducing more advanced concepts too, like numbers and letters. These types of puzzles often simply focus on introducing these characters to children, however more complex varieties also are designed to teach spelling and math.  Puzzles can also take the form of creative make-you-own puzzles which involve drawing and writing to help connect a child’s imagination and creativity to their puzzle-solving skills.

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Christmas Toys from Santa Claus for Toddlers

November 13, 2012

A reporter writes… “I’m working on story about what toys Santa Claus is giving to toddlers for Christmas this year. Please let us know what is at the top of your list.”

Santa Claus is one of our favorite customers, and the elves in our workshop are working around the clock this year to make sure it is a very Merry Christmas for toddlers all around the World.

Santa tells us that inspiring Girls with an opportunity to fall in love with Science is one of his top priorities this year, and we have the perfect tool to help him do just that with Math Skills Number Puzzles.  These math skills activity sets feature big colorful removable numbers, counting beads and some sets have an addition/subtraction table and writing stencils to help young scientists practice practice writing numbers.

TAG Toys Watch Me Count

Watch Me Count from TAG Toys

For Boys, Santa is planning on giving the Toy Lock Box which helps parents teach their children about home/personal safety.  It also helps youngsters develop fine-motor skills, and provides a solid basis for thoughtful, imaginative play.

And for all the the good little kids who are just learning to speak, read and spell Santa is giving Personalized Name Puzzles.  These personal gifts show that Santa really knows his customers, and provide parents and children with an opportunity to work together to learn a basic and important lesson (learning to spell their name). The toy becomes a lifelong keepsake that gains value for the child as they get older. A version of the name puzzle is also available as a clothing rack.

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Healthy Christmas Gifts and Toys for Children

November 12, 2012

A reporter asks us,  “We are looking for products to include in a healthy Christmas Holiday Gift Guide. Do you have any recommendations?”

Giving kids a healthy start in life, means providing them with opportunities that simultaneously develop both physical stamina as well as their cognitive abilities. Our toys make great healthy Christmas gifts, as they are designed from pediatrics research that helps identify activities that foster the connections between thinking, learning and growing during the critical early years of childhood.

TAG Toys Amazing Tracker

Amazing Tracker and Giant Tumble Down Ball Maze from TAG Toys

For very young children, ages 0 – 5 good health doesn’t mean sticking to a repetitive exercise routine, but instead it is linked to the opportunities youngsters have to engage in activities that connect their thinking (mental growth) to physical movement.  To this end, simple wooden toys have been shown to provide more benefit than do high-tech apps and electronic devices, when it comes to promoting early physical and fine motor skill development.

Our toy line helps children very early in life develop hand eye coordination, physical gripping skills and visual discrimination skills. Our toys help foster the mental pathways between cognitive activities and physical skills, which are the fundamental connections that are required between the brain and the body for a healthy life.

TAG Toys is an environmentally friendly, family company that proudly makes baby wood toys, educational toys for toddlers, and kids counting toys in the USA. Please visit www.TAGToys.com

Remodeling Kids Rooms with Personalized Toys

November 5, 2012

We are asked,  “Do you have furnishings for children’s play rooms?”

We make toy shelves, bookcases, rolling toy boxes, tables, chairs and lots of other items to help keep a child’s room neat and organized.  We also make personalized items for these rooms, which feature a child’s name either painted onto, or carved into, the wooden item, which makes a great addition to kids rooms and play areas.

Furniture items that are personalized like the TAG Toys Toddler Step Stool do double duty by acting as a colorful nameplate for the child’ room or play area, as well as a functional chair for young children, and a sturdy step stool for children as they grow older.

TAG Toys Personalized Step Stool

Personalized Step Stool from TAG Toys

In addition to helping making the room feel more welcoming to the child, personalized items also act as a teaching aid for especially young children, that helps them learn how to spell their name.

TAG Toys makes other personalized items for children’s rooms, like the Personalized Clothes Rack and Personalized Name Puzzle.

TAG Toys is a family company proudly hand crafting Toys in the USA like educational toys for infants, wooden blocks toys for babies, and personalized kids puzzles. Please visit www.TAGToys.com

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